TMJ, Myofunctional, Breathing Therapies and Early Intervention Orthodontics

Myofunctional Therapy:

Myofunctional Therapy can be considered a broad term for the rehabilitation or treatment of a myriad of abnormal behaviours that interfere with normal muscle functioning of the mouth and face which can affect development and everyday function. An individualised program is designed to modify behaviours, eliminate poor functional habits, improve overall muscle tone in the mouth and around the face, correct tongue posture, and decrease muscular tension to aid correct breathing, sleep and recovery.


Functional nutrition is used alongside the therapy programs. Mainly to boost and improve sleep, breathing and child development. Functional nutrition integrates appropriate eating, supplementation, lifestyle changes personalised to the patients genetics, environment, lifestyle, and health concerns. With diagnostic testing, precision plans are made that look into the body’s major functioning regions including Metabolic, Immune, Cardiovascular, Central nervous, and GI functions as well as toxic footprints and metabolic markers. Our current programs concentrate on the uptake in the nutrients required to support key body systems and balance chemistry.

Early Interceptive Myofunctional Orthodontics:

An early orthodontic evaluation is key to give your child the best opportunity for jaw and airway development. The best ages to promote this is from 5-8 where the aim of the treatment is not only to correct functions and postures of oral musculature, but to also consider the relationships of the upper and lower jawbones, and to improve the alignment of the teeth. It is very important to achieve correct jawbone dimensions and relationships, in order to create balance in the jaw joints, the head/neck muscles, and the teeth. Breathing is so critical and the body image to the autonomic nervous system and this relationship to remain health is maintaining body coherence and proper breathing. If you don’t develop your upper jaw you don’t allow for support of this. The development for the mid face is the most critical issue in autonomic nervous system coherence (stress, sleep, hormones) and breathing. Our treatment philosophies include forms of removable appliances, along with relevant muscle training that correct the soft tissue behaviour and oral environment. This then results in the development of the skeletal bases and change in the position of the teeth by encouraging the already growing jaw.

TMJD/Pain treatment:

Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) as defined by the American Academy of Orofacial Pain encompass a group of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions that involve the TMJs, the masticatory muscles, and all associated tissues. Patients may present with pain, headaches, tension in the head and neck all with a big connection to disrupted sleep. Given that there is a relationship between Bruxism (Clenching/Grinding) and sleep disordered breathing. TMD may be diagnosed. Treatment modalities address behaviour modification, appliances to support the upper airway, reduce inflammation and therefor alleviate/resolve pain and symptoms bettering sleep and recovery.

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