QLD Dental Sleep Therapy was started in 2016 by Dr Adam Teo to provide high quality care and assistance with splint therapy and oral appliances for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea
(OSA), snoring, bruxism and TMJ disorders. With our strong focus on sleep medicine, we passionately strive to spread awareness on how the dental community can impact sleep-disordered
breathing with simple oral appliance therapy.

At QLD Dental Sleep Therapy, we strive for nothing less than an exceptional service and guarantee that our team will always provide a warm and inviting experience. We pride ourselves on working strongly with our large network of health professionals and specialists and only with the best lab manufacturers to deliver premium, high-quality devices. It is incredibly rewarding to continuously have our patients let us know how much we’ve impacted their lives or how happy their partners are now that they’re not snoring and something we will never get sick of hearing!

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Suffering from snoring? It can be a sign of harmful underlying problems


Night grinding or clenching can cause serious damage to your teeth and jaw joints.

Sleep Apnoea

You may be unaware your breathing is being cut off during sleep


Woman With Flowers on her Head Sleep and Memory

Sleep and Memory

Learn About Sleep and Memory Sleep is an essential biological function that is critical for our overall health and well-being. Not only does it help

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